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    Soviet History Discussion Papers 9 (2016)

    Soviet History Discussion Papers are based on lectures given at the Soviet History Seminar jointly organized by the German Historical Institute and the Moscow Center of French-Russian Research. The authors include historians from Russia, Western Europe and the US whose works represent different historiographical schools, scholarly traditions and various approaches. Soviet History Discussion Papers do not have a particular thematic focus, nor is their purpose to establish new paradigms within Soviet historiography. Rather, they seek to make recent work in progress accessible to a broader public.

    Ирина Чернева: Рынок против плана? Эксперименты в организации и оплате труда в советском кино (1961-1976). Часть вторая

    Irina Cherneva: Rynok protiv plana? Ėksperimenty v organizatsii i oplate truda v sovetskom kino (1961-1976). Chast’ vtoraia

    Irina Cherneva: A market against the plan? Experiments in labor organization and payment in the Soviet film industry (1961-1976). Part Two